How are we doing Pierce County?

The Community Indicators on this site tell a story about Pierce County in statistical, measureable ways.  It’s a story we hope is valuable and accessible to every citizen and a tool for human service providers, grant makers and others with a concern for community.

Original data sources are listed, and the data is automatically updated as the original sources are updated. A special thanks to the many organizations that contributed data.


United Way of Pierce County has taken the extra step of analyzing the data and presenting our interpretation of what the data is telling us about our progress toward key community goals.  The Indicator charts will provide the raw statistics and we will provide analysis of how the statistics relate to our key community goals.

Our effort has been on focused goals within the areas of Education, Income & Housing, Health and Emergency and Support Services. Focus groups in the community, combined with research from over 600 federal, state and local sources of data, suggest these are priority issues for Pierce County. 

We also go beyond that to provide important contextual data through other statistical measures, providing for broader analysis.

We invite you to dig in!  We are sure that you will be surprised by some of the data, just as we were.  We are still asking questions and we welcome yours.  This site is continuously updated and revised, not only by adding new data but also as you, our partners and friends, ask for additional information and give us your feedback.




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